Migration Information

Course Migration Information and Schedule

About Migration

Migration of course sites from OWL Sakai to OWL Brightspace is underway. All courses starting after May 1, 2024 will be taught in OWL Brightspace.

Migration Dates

  • Spring/Summer 2024 Academic Courses
    January 2024: Course migration begins
    March 2024: Migrated reference courses available in OWL Brightspace
  • Fall 2024 Academic Courses
    May 2024: Migrated reference courses available in OWL Brightspace
  • Winter 2025 Academic Courses
    September 2024: Migrated reference courses available in OWL Brightspace
  • HR and Other Required Training Sites
    Spring 2025 (targeted): Migrated reference courses available in OWL Brightspace
  • Project Sites:
    Project sites are targeted to be moved from OWL Sakai by the end of 2025.

Western Continuing Studies (WCS): Migration details for WCS are still in development due to unique requirements. More information on the timeline for migration of WCS courses will be communicated soon.

What will migrate to OWL Brightspace?

Academic course sites and project sites that:

  • Are educational in nature and/or are used for training.
  • Include guided training modules AND use tools like Gradebook, Assessments, Tests & Quizzes, Certificates, and Lessons.

This includes training sites and project sites that directly support academic courses.

What is NOT Eligible to Migrate to OWL Brightspace?

Project sites used for:

  • File storage/transfer
  • Committee work
  • Research sites
  • Sites in place for non-Western users which do not utilize guided training modules and tools

What is happening to data in OWL Sakai?

Historical course content and student data (including grades, forum posts, and assignments) will not be migrated into OWL Brightspace for the purpose of retention. Content hosted in OWL Sakai will be retained until at least the end of 2025 and can continue to be accessed until that time. 

By the end of 2025, a retention policy will be in place for OWL Brightspace and a plan for remaining content in OWL Sakai will be addressed. Consultations will take place in Fall 2024 and more information will be shared thereafter.   

Please note that even courses and data that are migrated or created in OWL Brightspace will not be retained forever once a data retention policy is in place.  

Please be aware that Western has a Data Classification and Handling Standard regarding the use and sharing of data, including student data.  

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