Personal Sandboxes

Those who are teaching or directly supporting academic courses can now request a sandbox in OWL Brightspace!

What is a sandbox?

A sandbox is a personal course that can be used for testing, experimentation, and exploration of the tools and features available in OWL Brightspace.


Request an OWL Brightspace sandbox here


Who can request a sandbox?

Instructors and anyone who supports an academic course (ex. grade admins, course coordinators, course admins, instructional designers, TAs, etc.) can request a personal sandbox in OWL Brightspace.

When will I get my sandbox?

Your personal sandbox will be available approximately one week after it is requested. Sandboxes are released every Friday. When your sandbox is ready, you will receive a confirmation email that includes access, support, and training information.

Why should I request a sandbox?

Requesting a sandbox will jumpstart your experience with OWL Brightspace so you can engage with Self-Guided Instructor Training resources and familiarize yourself with the new learning management system (LMS) before your courses are migrated.

A sandbox will also help you get a sense of what migration option might best meet your needs by allowing you to explore course development features in the new LMS.

What support is available?

Resources are available in OWL Brightspace, including Self-Guided Instructor Training customized from user feedback from the Early Adopter Program. You will also have access to weekly drop-in sessions and workshops hosted by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Who can I contact if I need technical support with my sandbox? 

If you need technical support for your sandbox, contact the WTS Helpdesk .